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First off, thanks for everyone’s patience. The blog has been updated a whole lot less regularly than I had intended and/or would like.

That said, the first couple LPs I have for you are  some bluesy, dirty, and badass rock n roll pieces of goodness. Enjoy.

HONKEYFINGER : Invocation Of the Demon Other (2008 Hoarse)

If you were casually pondering what the demon child of Captain Beefheart, Muddy Waters, and Gibby Haynes would morph into if given the task of creating a one man band, then look no further. Though Honkeyfinger could easily blend in with the contemporaries of the Memphis punk/blues scene, the guy is actually from the United Kingdom. No shit.


HOWLING DIABLOS –  Carwash (2005 Alive)

Next, we have the cool and gritty 2005 album from Detroit’s Howling Diablos. Taking the blues heavy cues from their city’s forefathers, MC5, the Diablos inject a slick bar rock sort of twist into the sound.  What results is a bopping, catchy, and muscular collection of songs that will stay stuck in your head for a few spins.