Well, this is intended to be a more focused and consistent attempt at a music blog, following my previous Audio Detox blogging endeavor.

The posts are going to be somewhat of a mixed bag; links and quick blurbs showcasing some of my current and/or all time favorite albums and also posts in between dedicated to sharing some info and discographies of bands that I find significant for one reason or another. Comments are always welcome. Be sure if you do download the albums that are found on this blog, that you maye every effort to purchase the actual album if you enjoy it!

On a serious note:

All links to music posted on Audio Detox are for preview purposes only. I’d suggest you delete them within 24 hours of downloading them. If you did indeed enjoy what you tasted, go out and buy it. None of the music found on Audio Detox is hosted by www.audiodetox.wordpress.com or its moderators.

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