Billy Joe Shaver – Old Five and Dimers Like Me (1973) + When I Get My Wings (1976)

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“Outlaw Country” is a term that gets thrown around quite liberally. But how many “outlaws” can say they shot a man in the face for running his mouth?

But the real story of Billy Joe Shaver is his true to form inability to be kept down. From his early days of being one of the most notable Nashville misfits who would epitomize the Outlaw Country counterculture to his ultimate legacy of a Texas country legend, the man has been through more trials and tribulations than any of his peers. Not only did he face the aforementioned legal drama, but he also lost his wife, mother, and son in the span of one year. As if these tragedies weren’t enough, Billy Joe himself almost experienced a quick reunion with his loved ones a year later in 2002; he suffered a massive heart attack onstage at an Independence Day show in his home state of Texas.

It is sad enough to be the plot of a movie, but this was no fiction. This was the life of one of the most resilient men in country music’s storied history. The greatest aspect of this story is that , at 72 years old, Billy Joe Shaver is still playing strong and mighty.

Here are the first two albums from an Outlaw Country legend.



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