Best of 2010 (Top 5)

Posted: January 15, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Sorry about the delay with the top 5 post! I know I’m about 2 weeks later than when I had promised, but here it is.

5. MCRACKINS – It Ain’t Over Easy

Yep, I know what a lot of folks might be thinking. Either “whoa, these dudes are still around?” or “whoa, this guy really has the Mcrackins in his top 10 list of 2010?”. Well the obvious answer to both inquiries is “absolutely”.While it’s true that the days of Ramones styled pop punk hit its peak in the mid 90’s, there are still a handful of bands carrying the banner proudly and these guys are one of them. Propelled by the insanely infectious single “Candy”, the album is typical of the genre where as it is over before you know it. Long live the Mcrackins.

It Ain’t Over Easy

4. TWO COW GARAGE – Sweet Saint Me (Suburban Home)

It’s hard to believe that Two Cow is already on album number five. “Sweet Saint Me” is their second album for Suburban Home and it is most certainly their most adventurous to date. While their previous efforts have walked that straight amped up alt country line, the band’s latest incorporates a wide range of influences from Springsteen to Petty to Westerberg. A great rock n roll album.

Sweet Saint Me

3. I CAN LICK ANY SONOFABITCH IN THE HOUSE – Sound Of Dying (Suburban Home)

Another product of Suburban Home is Portland’s I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House. Although “Sound of Dying” is their first album for the label, these guys put out a few records in the early part of the decade before calling it a day. They reunited recently and recorded this gritty country punk album that would fit nicely between Jason & The Scorchers and Green On Red records.

The Sound of Dying

2. THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM – American Slang (Side One Dummy)

I’m assuming that the new future legends of New Jersey need no introduction. If you haven’t picked up this album yet (I scored the vinyl No Idea exclusive wohoo), then I’d advise it to be your first priority of the new year. Catchy yet dynamic, tender yet muscular, and slick yet gritty, these guys are the cream of the crop.


1. JUSTIN TOWNES EARLE – Harlem River Blues (Bloodshot)

No longer just “Steve’s kid”, JTE has in my opinion established himself as the leader of the alt country pack with his 4th LP, “Harlem River Blues”. Utilizing a more full band than his previous efforts, the artist gives us a wild ride of an LP that kicks off with the anthemic title track. Other standouts are the rockabilly jam Move Over Mama , the somber Dando-esque Christchurch Woman, and the piano driven, atmospheric closer Rogers Park. But truth be told, there isn’t one number in this set that doesn’t connect with this listener. Hence, my number one album of 2010 is “Harlem River Bluesby Justin Townes Earle.


Readers, I’m curious to see what albums you thought I missed and which of my choices should have made room for them.

  1. Jeff says:

    Transit’s Keep This To Yourself and The Wonder Years’ The Upsides.

  2. Iggymo says:

    Having a ball discovering the new and awesome. Thanks so much for this cool blog.


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