Meices – Greatest Bible Stories Ever Told (1992), Tastes Like Chicken (1995)

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Back in 1995, my musical tastes were shifting from strictly the Seattle/Sub Pop grunge bands and the Epitaph Records Bad Religion clones to the inclusion of more melodic, less abrasive, and decidedly pop oriented genres. My Mudhoney and Pennywise CD’s were giving way to the spinning of Fastbacks, Mr.T Experience, and Sicko CD’s.

The perfect band to bridge the gap between the two genres was San Francisco’s The Meices. With hooks as heavy as their guitars, the trio’s sounds was just as audibly influenced by a loud garage rock ethos as it was by the last couple Replacements albums. That is not to say there aren’t hints of the ‘Placemats early reckless abandon heard in the Meices first LP,1993’s Greatest Bible Stories Ever Told. The opening track, Alex Put Something In His Pocket, is a
2 minute blast of sloppy fun that would’ve easily been disguised as an outtake from Sorry Ma. The rest of the album follows pace while taking some breathers with songs like the heart wrenching This Way, which incorporates some ballad-like elements into the mix. Released by Portland’s Empty Records label, Bible Stories, certainly wasn’t completely out-of-place on the label’s roster of garage and grunge, but it was a definitive stand out record from it.

With a slightly more polished sound and a London Records funded production, The Meices returned in 1994 with their sophomore effort and major label debut, Tastes Like Chicken. While staying true to the energetic power pop sound the band showcased on their previous releases, Tastes Like Chicken, displays a tighter and more cohesive set of tunes. From the opening track, That Good One, the benefits of a cleaner ,albeit more restrained, production are noticed. Catchy, hook-laden, and energetic rockers like That Good One, Daddy’s Gone To California, and Until The Weekend are balanced with slower paced , yet still massively catchy, tracks like Now and Slide. And of course there is my favorite Meices song of any of their albums, the epic Lettuce Is Far Out.

Although London released a second album by the band in 1996, The Meices last recording Dirty Bird, the band really never did gain notoriety (save for a cult following) that the music industry would demand. Of course, as the story goes, it certainly isn’t because they didn’t deserve it. The Meices broke up in 1997.

The Meices were Joe Reineke-lead vocals, guitar ,Steve Borgerding- bass, vocals, and Sean Trudeau-drums.

Here is the 1994 music video for Daddy’s Gone To California

Greatest Bible Stories Ever Told (1993)

Tastes Like Chicken (1994)

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