Fluf – Home Improvements (1994)/Waikiki (1997)

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Continuing to force you to share my nostalgic indulgence in the most rocking bands of the most rocking decade, I’m taking you on a trip to San Diego circa 1994. Physically and sonically imposing axeman Otis Bartholomew -best know simply as O- and bassist Josh Higgins had recently dissolved their post-punk styled trio, Olivelawn. Looking to start fresh with a new sound and new drummer, they recruit Miles Gillett to ride with them on their evolution into a loud, fuzzy, and catchy as hell rock band called Fluf. 

Taking equal cues from the hard hitting agression of Nirvana, the melodic distortion rock of Dinosaur Jr.,  and the pop sensibilities of Buffalo Tom, Fluf went on to release two albums on the indie label, Headhunter/Cargo. Those albums, Mangravy (1993) and Home Improvements (1994), were rather unique for the time because of their genre bending song structures.

That formula was appealing enough for the major labels to come calling after the release of Home Improvements. After deciding on MCA as their new home, Fluf released what I consider to be their crowning achievement, 1997’s Waikiki. While the pop was turned up a healthy dose, the amps were turned up just the same.  The album has some true gems . The first 3 tracks, while having such dynamic diversity, just roll right into the next. From the moody grunge blast, Skip Beat to the noisy pop anthem Got Everything to the emotional Bob Mould-esque Pushin’ Back Days , it could very well be one of the best 1,2,3 punches of the late 90’s.

Fluf went on to release one more album, 1999’s Road Rage before calling it a day. O went on to form Reeve Oliver  shortly after, a band that unfortunately that is nowhere near the caliber of Fluf. 

Here is Home Improvements and Waikiki.

            Home Improvements (1994)   

                     Waikiki -(1997)

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