Two Cow Garage – 3 albums

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Here is a band that has been plugging away for nearly for some time now. For nearly a decade, Two Cow Garage has been perfecting the art of merging the down home Americana of Son Volt with the noisy guitar crunch of Dinosaur Jr. Beginning with their 2002 debut, Please Turn The Gas Back On, the Columbus,Ohio trio ( Micah Schnabel – vocals/guitar, Shane Sweeney – Bass, and Cody Smith -drums) has released four albums. When the band wasn’t in the studio, the odds were they were clocking in some of their hundreds of thousands of tour miles. An account of their tour experiences was documented in the 2004 film, The Long Way Around: One Badass Year With Two Cow Garage. The same year, Two Cow Garage’s second album, The Wall Against Our Back, was released. The album was met with critical praise and signified a profound maturity in the band’s songwriting skills. While The Wall.. displayed a creative leap, their breakthrough album was released in 2007. Simply entitled III, the album incorporated elements of classic rock into the band’s signature alt country sound. Relying less on twang and more on rock and roll guitar licks and leads, III broadened Two Cow’s appeal to a larger fanbase. Furthermore, it attracted the interests of popular indie label Suburban Home Records. The label released Two Cow Garage’s fourth and most recent album, Speaking In Cursive in 2008.

Check out the band’s website, where you can see where their next tour dates are and buy their merch! Two Cow Garage

Here is the trailer to The Long Way Around: One Badass Year With Two Cow Garage followed by the links to The Wall Against Our Back, III,and Speaking In Cursive.

The Wall Against Our Back (2004)

III -(2007)

Speaking In Cursive (2008)

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