Eccentric Soul- The Capsoul Label & The Prix Label

Posted: April 30, 2010 in Uncategorized
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The wonderful folks at the Numero Group have truly solidified a reputation for being obscurity’s liason to the music community. Whether it be Gospel, Funk, Jazz, Folk, Soul, or even Disco, the label has such a knack for digging up long last tapes that are consistently capable of making modern mouths’ water.

Take for example the Eccentric Soul Series. Beginning with the lead off compilation,2004’s The Capsoul Label (which will be highlighted below),Numero has provided a 27 piece catalog of rare soul nostalgia that resurrects artists, scenes, and labels whose tapes have frequented dusty shelves and damp basements for many a decade.  So head on over to Numero’s site and prepare to get hooked on history.

In the meantime, here are 2 installments from the Eccentric Soul Series.

The first of which, The Capsoul Label, traces the lineage of the short lived Columbus,Ohio label through a compilation of tracks originally issued in the early 70’s. Capsoul Records only produced about a dozen 45’s and just one full length album, all of which have become highly sought after artifacts. You will hear songs from obscure names such as Marion Black, Ronnie Taylor, the Four Mints, label owner Bill Moss,etc etc. After you take a listen head on over here and try to outbid someone for a shot at some originals! Or just go here and purchase the compilation on Double LP or CD from Numero.

The second of the Eccentric Soul installments presented here today is catalog number 15 in the series, 2007’s The Prix Label. Along the same lines and geographic location as Capsoul, the Prix imprint was another there-and-then-gone label that produced some amazing funky soul singles before abruptly closing up shop. This compilation not only gives us long lost gems from Eddie Ray, Joe King, Mitch Mitchell, and many more; you will also be treated to 8 tracks from unreleased tapes that turned up in a freakin’ estate sale. Now thats some rare shit if I know my steaks. Buy it here

So here they are for your sampling pleasures, The Capsoul Label and The Prix Label. Also check out the Numero Group’s Youtube page.  It’s got some fun stuff!

Eccentric Soul 1 – The Capsoul Label (2004)

Eccentric Soul 15 – The Prix Label (2007)

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