Afghan Whigs- Gentlemen, Black Love, and 1965

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The Afghan Whigs will always be regarded as a band that challenged the confines of a genre in a rather exclusive manner. From the late 80’s up until 2001, the Whigs released six scorching studio albums that took the bare bones of college/alternative rock and filtered it through the soulful delivery of lead vocalist and guitarist Greg Dulli. Working their way up to the height of their popularity through 2 albums on Sub Pop (1990’s Up In It and 1992’s Congregation), the band benefited from the early 90’s major label signing frenzy. Releasing their Elektra debut Gentlemen in 1993, the Whigs went on to release two more albums, 1996’s Black Love and an album that wore its soul influences proudly on its sleeve, 1998’s 1965. 1965 would be the Afghan Whigs final studio album of new material. The band called it quits in 2001 allowing Dulli to give his full attention to his project The Twilight Singers.

In 2006, the Whigs enjoyed a brief reunion during which they recorded two new songs.The songs, I’m a Soldier and Magazine, were featured on an Afghan Whigs retrospective album released by Rhino Records in 2007.

Check out the Whigs three major label albums below. On your way down there , here is an amazing performance of Blame,Etc performed on MTV’s 120 Minutes

Gentlemen (1993)

Black Love (1996)

1965 (1998)

  1. alex_supertramp says:

    dude — are you kidding me?!?! … from the smooth classic soul to the FUCKING sleazy heart and soul of the Afghan Whigs??? i was thinking maybe i knew you from somewhere in the past, but now – are we related??? keep on bringing the good stuff!!!! AWESOME post and while Gentleman will always be one of my faves, Black Love and the killer groove of 1965 are right there!
    Thanks for spreading the good word as always!!

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