O.V. Wright- Back Beat Records albums

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Overton Vertis Wright is widely considered to be the flagship of what has come to be known as Southern Soul. Beginning his musical career performing in the Gospel arena, his first secular single, Thats How Strong My Love Is, was released in 1964 on the legendary Goldwax label. As a testament to his place in musical history, the ballad was later covered by both Otis Redding and The Rolling Stones. Unfortunately due to Redding’s immense popularity, Wright’s version of the song remained relatively unknown. 

However, Wright would soon meet Willie Mitchell. Mitchell’s production and rhythm section would yield 5 classic O.V. Wright albums on the Back Beat label between 1965 and 1973. Following his final album on Back Beat, Memphis Unlimited (1973), Wright’s battle with drug addiction led to a criminal conviction and subsequent 3 years prison sentence. 

Upon his release, O.V. Wright signed to Mitchell’s Hi label, releasing Into Something I Can’t Shake Loose in 1977. Two years later he would release what would be his final piece of work, We’re Still Together. On November 16, 1980 , at the too young age of 41, O.V. Wright’s body finally succumbed to his battle with substance abuse; he suffered a fatal heart attack while on the road. 

Check out the links below to listen to 4 albums from Wright’s Back Beat Records tenure; If Its Only For Tonight (1965), 8 Men and 4 Women (1967),A Nickel and a Nail and an Ace Of Spades (1971), and Memphis Unlimited (1973).  Also included is a spectacular live performance from Japan filmed less than a year before his death. 


If It’s Only For Tonight (1965) 


8 Men and 4 Women (1967) 


A Nickel and a Nail and an Ace (1971) 


Memphis Unlimited (1973) 



  1. alex_supertramp says:

    auidoD — HELL YEAH! — i am absolutely LOVING the soul/r&b goodness you have been laying down…and now to shine the spotlight on OV … you are on FIRE!
    THANKS – my weekend just went from good to awesome!

  2. W says:

    The Memphis Master! W.

  3. Cromeo says:

    Amazing. Love Mr Wright.

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