Family Underground- Once In a Lifetime

Posted: April 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

If there is any album title that would radiate sheer irony in regards to the history of the band who made it, this is it. Surviving more than one danger of being lost in the folklore of New Orleans music history, Once In a Lifetime finally saw the light of day nearly 30 years after its recording.

The masterminds behind this piece of work, childhood friends and musical partners Roland Treaudo and Manuel Herrera Jr began playing music together in late 1960’s New Orleans. They gained a substantial regional following, touring the Southeast frequently and opening up local concerts for such legends as Lou Rawls, The Commodores and Bobby Womack.  They also performed as the house act on Sunday nights at the popular Whitey’s Devil’s Den club in the heart of the New Orleans business district. After recording a seven song demo, they began to shop around the new material to major labels such as Motown and Capitol. Unfortunately, the labels made the now-obviously erroneous decision to turn down the band due to being ” too Earth,Wind,and Fire”.  Discouraged, Treaudo and Herrera gave the tapes to local promoter/entrepeneur Eddie Stewart who ultimately did nothing with them. Fifteen years later, Stewart informed an inquisitive Herrera that the tapes had been burned. This proved to be untrue as following another fifteen years the production master is discovered by Treaudo after tracking down Stewart’s widow. Treaudo handed the tape over to Herrera. The tape would be the only personal possession saved from Herrera’s home during Hurricane Katrina.

The tape was remastered and inspired the creation of  Hollygrove Records ,who released it in 2008. Check it out, as it is some quality late 70’s funk with a prominent pop/piano influence. Afterwards, head on over to the Hollygrove webstore and pick yourself up a copy.

Once In A Lifetime (1979)

  1. Jon Wilde says:

    Hey, fabulous blog. You clearly have impeccable taste (ie. much like my own). Thanks so much for sharing this amazing music. It’s hugely appreciated. Good things, Jon (Hove, UK)

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