Mad Mike Moldies

Posted: March 22, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Now here is a guy who I could have pictured being my one and only true mentor. “Mad” Mike Metrovich was a Pittsburgh DJ whose legacy began way back in the golden days (1959). Starting off hosting hops and dances, Mad Mike soon was given his own radio show on Carnegie station WZUM-AM. Mad Mike’s specialty was spinning records that were raw, danceable, and fun……but what I think is the coolest thing about the guy was his obsession with the obscure. Not only was his mission to dig up these unheard gems, but furthermore, he did everything in his power to keep them in the shrouds of mystery. He was known to scribble and scratch the names off the records and would commonly talk over the songs while he played them to prevent them from being recorded while he played them on air to make a bootleg. Hell, he would sometimes apparently even make up names for bands and songs.

In spite of his privacy and record hoarding obsession, Mad Mike spun some super cool shit ranging from R&B to Rock n Roll to Surf etc…What I have linked below are some legendary compilations spawned from Mad Mike’s vault of gold entitled Mad Mike Moldies.There is quite a bit of details that surround the history of these comps. For some detailed info, check this out at Jancee Records

Mad Mike passed away shortly after his final Halloween broadcast in 2000 at the age of 63.

Here are Mad Mike Moldies……

MAD MIKE MOLDIES VOL 1                 

 VOL 2                   

  VOL 3 (AKA 4)

   VOL 5                      

  VOL 6

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