Isaac Hayes- Hot Buttered Soul,Isaac Hayes Movement, Joy

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Isaac Hayes, for better or for worse, reached his highest point of mainstream recognition as the voice of Chef on South Park. However, behind the man in the white hat is one of the most important and prolific soul artists of all time. Isaac Hayes released 22 studio albums, including the soundtrack to 1971 film Shaft, throughout a career spanning 4 decades.

In addition to his musical legacy, Isaac Hayes made appearances on numerous television shows and movies throughout his career. His tenure as a South Park regular ran from 1997-2006. There are conflicting stories regarding his departure from the series. It is commonly attributed to a disagreement with show creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone in regards to their negative portrayal of Scientology in a 2005 episode. Hayes was a member of the Church of Scientology for the decade leading up to his death.

Isaac Hayes died on August 10, 2008 following a stroke at his home outside of Memphis. He was ten days shy of his 66th birthday.

Here are 3 albums from his Stax Records era, Hot Buttered Soul(1969), The Isaac Hayes Movement(1970), and Joy(1973).

But first check out this mind blowing 1969 performance of Walk On By off of Hot Buttered Soul. It really epitomizes the reason that I have fallen in love with this genre of music….

                Hot Buttered Soul (1969)

       The Isaac Hayes Movement – (1970)

                                   Joy- (1973)


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