13th Floor Elevators / Roky Erickson

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What follows is a tip of the iceberg audio overview of the musical stylings of an artistic genius. There are so many brilliant, disturbing, and all around amazing aspects of Roky Erickson’s life that have stretched the span of almost 50 years.

Beginning with his formation of the 13th Floor Elevators in 1965 and continuing to present day, Roky Erickson’s journey includes only one charting single ( You’re Gonna Miss Me 1966), LSD induced psychosis, electroconvulsive therapy, an obsession with mail, and an inspiring return to sanity and musical fame which was followed in the 2007 documentary You’re Gonna Miss Me.  After all this, he is no doubt one of the greatest and most creative songwriters of his time.

Below are all 3 Elevator’s studio albums , Bull of the Woods, Easter Everywhere, and Psychedelic Sounds….. as well as an album from Roky’s post confinement band, the Aliens entitled The Evil One.

13th Floor Elevators –  Bull of the Woods (1969)

13th Floor Elevators- Easter Everywhere (1967)

13th Floor Elevators- Psychedelic Sounds….(1966)

Roky Erickson and the Aliens- The Evil One (1980)

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