Go Go Harlem Baby (1991, Sky)

Introducing the Flat Duo Jets (1995,Norton)


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Seattle’s answer to Motorhead, I heard that these dudes are touring again. I sure hope they come out East.

Dirty Sanchez (Epitaph 2000)   

Til the Living End (Relapse 2004)





Over the past decade, rock n roll music in the good old USA has had its few standout artists and albums. Ultimately, though, it has truly left a whole heck of a lot to be desired. While the mainstream has been force-fed sterile, tame, and safe garbage such as John Mayer, Nickelback, and Coldplay, the underground has been dominated by restrained and posturing acts masquerading as “metal”.

Across the big lake in the land of the Swedes, there has been a renaissance  of sorts in rock n roll. Whereas we have had a few bands over the years carrying the torch of “sleaze” ( D Generation, pre-sellout Buckcherry, Black Halos,etc), Stockholm has been the scene of a full fledged second coming of the genre. Bands like Hardcore Superstar, Backyard Babies, Gluecifer, and Hanoi Rocks (ok ok, Finland,Sweden…tomato, tomato) have been the flagship acts and have paved the way for an abundance of new and fresh bands who piss and sweat right out of the Motley Crue and Stooges playbook.

Babylon Bombs came onto the Stockholm scene in 2001 with their debut LP Ten Things You Can’t Live Without. Since then, the band  toured Europe extensively and released three LPs; Cracked Wide Open And Bruised (2005), Doin’ You Nasty (2006), and Babylon’s Burning (2009). Unfortunately, the last update in regards to the Bombs, posted on the band’s myspace in August of 2010, is that they are on hiatus – possibly permanently.

For those who haven’t been exposed, here is some quality, balls to the wall, no bullshit rock n roll. If you can get past the ridiculous hair, you’re in for a treat.









Although he was never to achieve even a fraction of the fame and acclaim that his legendary brother Link enjoyed, Vernon Wray was certainly just as much of a notch in the legacy of their namesake.

Throughout most of the 60’s and into the early 70’s, Vernon utilized most of his talent to contribute to his brother’s recordings with The Raymen. It wasn’t until 1972 that he recorded this modest gem at his Arizona studio (dubbed simply Vernon Wray’s Record Factory). Forgoing the surf overtones of the Wray brothers’ past, Wasted navigates the same path as contemporaries The Flying Burrito Brothers in its honky tonk moments and Townes Van Zandt during its more restrained.  The finished project is an excellent – and ultimately underrated country rock album in its own right .

Only 400 copies of Wasted were originally pressed back in 1972. Compounding on the rarity aspect is the fact that it was only sold at local shows around the Tuscon area. Luckily a hip little label out of Nashville, Sebastian Speaks, has taken on the repressing of the album as one of its projects. While you’re purchasing a copy of the LP, check out some of the label’s other endeavors. If you dig the nostalgic, the rare, the under appreciated, and the downright COOL then I reckon you may get a kick out of them.





It was the early 1990’s and the grunge movement was gearing up to explode in full force. Seattle, as it was, became the new mecca of music that floated outside the mainstream airwaves. Kurt Cobain was becoming immortalized and “Slick Willie” was leading this great nation of ours into a new direction.

Somewhere in the fields of an Alabama college town named Auburn, a spaceship was forced to make a crash landing while serving as the vessel of an intergalactic tour featuring a band called Man or Astroman(?). Nobody has even quite figured out where they came from, but with names like Starcrunch, Birdstuff, and Coco The Electric Monkey and yielding unearthly instruments such as theramins, printers, and tesla coils, it soon became apparent they were staying here to blow our minds.

And blow our minds they did. Following in the footsteps of surf maestro Dick Dale but utilizing sci-fi themes and samples to make it a sound all their own, MOA? truly revolutionized the genre as it was known. Between 1993 and 2001, the band released dozens of singles and eight full length albums through labels such as Estrus, Touch and Go, and Sympathy. Although disbanding in 2001, the band reunited for a few shows in 2005 (including the Touch and Go 25th Anniversary celebration). After taking another few years off, Man or Astroman ? once again became active in 2010; this time with a full US tour. Plans for a new studio album and a summer 2011 tour are reportedly in the works.



First off, thanks for everyone’s patience. The blog has been updated a whole lot less regularly than I had intended and/or would like.

That said, the first couple LPs I have for you are  some bluesy, dirty, and badass rock n roll pieces of goodness. Enjoy.

HONKEYFINGER : Invocation Of the Demon Other (2008 Hoarse)

If you were casually pondering what the demon child of Captain Beefheart, Muddy Waters, and Gibby Haynes would morph into if given the task of creating a one man band, then look no further. Though Honkeyfinger could easily blend in with the contemporaries of the Memphis punk/blues scene, the guy is actually from the United Kingdom. No shit.


HOWLING DIABLOS –  Carwash (2005 Alive)

Next, we have the cool and gritty 2005 album from Detroit’s Howling Diablos. Taking the blues heavy cues from their city’s forefathers, MC5, the Diablos inject a slick bar rock sort of twist into the sound.  What results is a bopping, catchy, and muscular collection of songs that will stay stuck in your head for a few spins.